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Knowledge of English was needed yesterday, but you are already at the border?

Unlike other schools and projects, we are aimed at obtaining applied knowledge by the student from the first lesson. We have developed and apply a unique methodology consisting of seven modules. It doesn't matter if you know the English alphabet or the capitals of the world.

Our course is aimed at practical results, start right now!

We work for results, our modules cover basic everyday issues in English, job interviews and studies, how to buy food in a store, ask how to get to a point on the map and explain to local cops that you are not the guy they are looking for.

You can choose any module in any format, from the Course our teachers will help you remember it, they will sort it out with you

The course is divided into seven practical modules. Our teachers will help you remember it, they will sort it out with you. You can select a module in any format, then you need to contact us for recording in the group and timing.The group does not exceed three students. One module includes two practical and two theoretical tasks. At the end of the course, you can easily pass for a resident of the Czech Republic or Slovenia, who decided to visit other Eurozone countries for the first time and stay in them, based on your ability to communicate on practical topics.

What will you get in the end of our course

The course is divided into seven practical modules, according to the experience of our students, it takes a little more than two weeks to fully master one module
You can choose any module that you need and start studying it right now. For example, if you are already abroad and you urgently need a job, we advise you to choose the module "Looking for a Job"
At the end of each module, you will be helped to make an individual case, for example, for the module "Looking for a Job", your resume in English will become the case
After completing the course, you will be able to communicate on the key topics of the course, on the roof of a resident of Slovakia or the Czech Republic

Our Training Programs

Looking for a Job Together
Interview in English, how to pass an interview and get job offer
Lets talk together
Dialogues, slang are everything you need for communication and life abroad
Interview for permanent residence
We simulate a dialogue with the inspector for permanent residence
How to conduct a dialogue, typical questions, answers and pitfalls
Adapt to conditions together
Learn not only to speak , but also to think in English
Как обратиться в больницу
Научим и закрепим в формате диалога,как обратится в больницу или аптеку
Repeat the grammar and basic positions
We analyze the modules where you have any questions, or situations from life
Learn grammar and basic rules
Analyze the basic rules and times. Briefly

Travel, Work, Study and all this right now

Speaking practical English is easier than you were told. Our modules are aimed at specific life situations, and the general course from the module "Learning grammar", will help you refresh your knowledge of the general rules of the English language, or learn them.

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